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Get Started on OwnerAide with Our Step-by-Step Guides

Your Home Pro Network is a few clicks away. Want to get started with OwnerAide? We’ve created a series of quick-start guides to help you set up your profile, add pros to your network, and post a job. Check it

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A Vendor Profile is a Permanent Web Presence for Your Business

” Your profile has value beyond a broker’s network. We created OwnerAide Vendor Profiles for more than just the private use of agents and brokers. Remember, your Aide profile is a public web property that you can use in any

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How Valuable is a Real Estate Broker’s Vendor and Affiliate Network?

I recently wrote about a fifteen-year old article on the rise of real estate vendor networks, and how they can add value after the sale. But networks, done right, can also add value before, during, and independently of the sale.

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OwnerAide receives TechStart grant from Maine Technology Institute

OwnerAide received on Wednesday a $5,000 TechStart Grant from the Maine Technology Institute’s Business Innovation Program. The grant is awarded to Maine-based companies and individuals who create innovative products and services and show exceptional growth potential. We’re proud to have

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OwnerAide featured in Bangor Daily News

The Bangor Daily News published a profile of OwnerAide this weekend. We’re proud to get our message out across Maine! And they put our message out there better than we could have: The web service by a Portland startup that

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Crowdfunding allows small stakes and community investors access to real estate

Crowdfunding has been around for a while: Think KickStarter, for example, and Indiegogo. Those sites exchange initial investment for a discount product or credit at the end of a film, but it ends there; there’s no opportunity for growth or

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How To Convert a Closet Into a Bathroom: A Metaguide

The number of average bathrooms in a home has grown over the years. Many early colonial homes lacked them all together, and the first homes in Levittown, the original suburb, had only one full bath shared among children and parents.

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Powerwashing Inspiration: Photos, discussion, and pure appreciation

Reddit is a well-known resource for those interested in image macros, cat photos, and puns. Less known, though, is that Reddit can also be a great place for sharing your love of home improvement. We recommend r/powerwashingporn (100% safe for

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$1.1Trillion Apartment Industry Produces Lasting Economic Impact

Property Management Insider shares data from the National Multi Housing Counsel (NMHC) and National Apartment Association (NAA) that was presented to Congress on June 4th.   Topline findings show that the Apartment Industry delivers over $1.1Trillion to the US Economy

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OwnerAide helps clean up after the Blizzard of 2013

When life gets tough, OwnerAide is there to help. Over the Blizzard of 2013, which hit February 9 but still effects communities across the state, OwnerAide helped a number of property owners manage nearly three feet of snow. In New

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