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Five Service Pros You Need in Your Network this Winter

Winter poses unique challenges for homeowners Many homeowners are surprised to learn just how much preparation and care a home requires during the coldest months of the year. Former renters will soon miss their property manager. Even those who have

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Selling by Design: An Education Strategy Transposed for Real Estate Agents

Backward Design Starts at the Ending As I’ve written here before, real estate agents and brokers can learn a lot from the education industry. But that’s true from more than just an institutional perspective. Real Estate Agents must think of

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Education Industry Can Show Real Estate Brokers How To Approach Technology

Online Education Grows Alongside Online Real Estate Services When was the last time you saw a commercial for an online, for-profit institution? This morning? Right now? The University of Phoenix alone has over 300,000 students, and is the only university

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How Valuable is a Real Estate Broker’s Vendor and Affiliate Network?

I recently wrote about a fifteen-year old article on the rise of real estate vendor networks, and how they can add value after the sale. But networks, done right, can also add value before, during, and independently of the sale.

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Cheating the Phonebook: Why Real Estate Brokers Need a Strong Professional Network

The First Business Listed in the Phone Book is Rarely the Best A’s and #1’s have always been proof of quality performance: consider your high school valedictorian’s report card, or the 2014 NCAA basketball champs for further evidence. In the

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A Close Analysis of Weird Al’s “Handy:” Why Home Pros Need a Web Presence

“Handy” by Weird Al Yankovic, a parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” lists the abilities of its handyman speaker in effort to show his value to customers. It’s witty and thorough. But, whether unknowingly or not, it makes mention of a

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Remodeling ideas for a children’s homework center

With the school year about to begin (if it hasn’t already), it’s time to consider where a child will do her homework, and how that space can be best designed for success. Below are links to suggestions from around the

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Why you should water in the morning: A scientific explanation

Conventional wisdom is that it’s most efficient to water in the morning. You may have asked why that’s true. Most likely, you were simply told that less water evaporates because the air is colder and there’s less wind, so more

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Watering your lawn in a heat wave

When temperatures break ninety for several consecutive days, then having a lawn at all seems like a losing venture. That’s why many landscaping firms in Arizona focus on natural rock yards. But if you’ve got to have a lawn, and

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Have Your Sprinklers Checked Before The First Freeze

With Winter’s chills on the way, November is the last and best opportunity to make sure your home and garden are ready for the cold. Before the snow sets in, have your sprinkler or irrigation system professionally serviced to make

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