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Survey: Despite Technology, Organic Referrals Key to Success

Real Estate Weekly posted the results from a recent survey conducted by Imprev, a real estate technology company. We encourage you to read analysis of the survey results on REW, but want to share a one bit of telling data:

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Understanding RESPA Laws & Why Brokers Should Not Fear Networking Partnerships

Collecting Fees for Networking Services is Legal The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, better known as RESPA, was updated in 2011 to better protect consumers from exorbitant and abusive charges during the homebuying process. Built within the law are numerous

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Our Treat: Real Estate Links for Halloween

Halloween is All About Real Estate Halloween, America’s most peripatetic celebration, is in that way our most real-estate focused holiday: neighborhoods are toured, houses are approached, and, in the brief moment when the bowl of Hershey’s miniatures is presented to

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Student Loans and Young Homebuyers: More Complex than an Inverse Proportion

Last week the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau released prepared comments on how student loan debt affects homebuying, family formation, and the domino effect of student loans and housing on the wider world of personal finance, including automobile purchases, entrepreneurship, and

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Chicago Tribune: Real Estate Industry Still Ripe for Tech Growth

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune highlights how the real estate industry is ripe for tech growth. The article features comments from a vice president at NAR and several tech entrepreneurs. The consensus is that real estate technology growth

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How Big Data Affects Buying and Selling Homes

Yes, Big Data is another buzzword of tech that defines little, just as “Cloud Computing” or “Internet of Things” or “Web 2.0.” Like all of these, it is a mass-market term for a set of principles that have been around

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Concierge Services Must Add Real Value to be Worthwhile in Real Estate

Agents and brokers go above and beyond for clients, but there are pros and cons to dropping your client’s children off at school or giving your client a ride to the airport. Agents I’ve talked to, including the agents-cum-software executives

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3D Printing: How Can Real Estate Brokers and Agents Use it Today?

A Chinese company recently unveiled homes constructed by a 3D printer. They measure 2100 square feet, are made primarily of poured concrete, and cost about $5,000 to create. Framing, windows, doors, and an interior are added with traditional methods. Nevertheless,

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Cheating the Phonebook: Why Real Estate Brokers Need a Strong Professional Network

The First Business Listed in the Phone Book is Rarely the Best A’s and #1’s have always been proof of quality performance: consider your high school valedictorian’s report card, or the 2014 NCAA basketball champs for further evidence. In the

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What The Zillow-Trulia Merger Means for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Zillow is going to buy Trulia for $3.5 billion dollars. The online real estate search giants will combine to form the dominant real estate information presence on the internet. The initial reaction among real estate agents has been negative. Brad

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