OwnerAide Helps Bostonians Dig Out from Snow

Network Connects Piles with Shovels

Boston was hit by record snow fall this past month. We here at OwnerAide saw an opportunity to help our neighbors dig out and help local service providers find new business. So, we created the Boston Snow Removal network on the OwnerAide platform.

Boston Snow Removal Network

The network has a pretty straightforward function: Any person can post a job, and all 35 local snow removal pros will get an alert. They can then comment, bid, and schedule the job on a single page, or receive direct messages. The example below shows the ease and speed at which it works.

Civic Dig Out

At the moment, OwnerAide is primarily used at real estate brokerages to help prepare homes for sale and inspection. But we’re glad to report that OwnerAide networks can accomplish just about anything. Want to be added to the network? Drop us a line in the form box at right.

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