Five Service Pros You Need in Your Network this Winter

Winter poses unique challenges for homeowners

Many homeowners are surprised to learn just how much preparation and care a home requires during the coldest months of the year. Former renters will soon miss their property manager. Even those who have lived in one place for decades find new chores and concerns as the days get shorter each year. As a real estate professional, it’s your job to ensure your clients—both new and old—can access the best local winter weather service providers. Here are five essential vendors you need in your network now.

Snow Removal Experts

Many homeowners take care of snow removal themselves. A shovel or snow-blower can handle an average snowfall. When big storms hit, though, use your network to help clients find fast and reliable snow removal while their neighbors become frustrated with busy signals. Your network can also serve clients who are not able to remove snow on their own and clients who are away from home when the flakes fly.

Insulation Experts

Winter heating bills can be among a homeowner’s largest recurring expenses. Proper insulation, particularly in attic spaces, can save a client hundreds of dollars a year. Filling gaps around doors and insulating or caulking windows can also lower the monthly bill. Having a strong relationship with insulation experts makes it easier for your clients to get quotes and complete money-saving projects before cold weather hits.

Fuel Providers

While homes in urban areas and planned developments usually rely on gas or electric for heating, many homes in rural areas rely on oil or wood pellets. Make sure your clients are getting the best deal and reliable delivery by connecting them with the trusted vendors in your network. Ensure that they can receive emergency services as well.

Chimney Care Specialists

The fireplace may no longer be the sole source of heat in a house, but a burning log can still warm a home. The diminishing frequency of fireplace use, however, means that many chimneys go years without servicing. Make sure that your clients, especially new homeowners, get their chimney checked before they use it.

24-Hour Service Providers

From trees downed by ice storms to burst pipes in the basement, winter has a way causing big problems at the worst times. Make sure that you have a number of vendors in your network who specialize in emergency services and 24-hour response. When your network saves a home—or saves a life— your clients will think of you as much more than an agent.

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  1. joe says:

    Sound advice from a real estate professional.

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