How to Post a Job on OwnerAide

At OwnerAide, we want to make it simple for you to post a job to the site and get it done quickly and affordably. To ensure that you get the best bids on your job, we put together the step-by-step guide below.

1. First, create a title to describe work needs to be done

2. Then, take a few pictures from different points of view to give perspective to Aides. Photos help an Aide make an accurate bid! They are not required, but they go a long way.

3. Describe the work to be done as accurately as possible. Consider these questions to help guide your post:

• How is it accessible? Do you need a ladder, a four wheeler, or two good boots?
• Where is the work? A basement? A roof?
• What are the overall dimensions of the working area?
• If something is to be installed, what size is it? If it is a window, for example, offer width and height measurements.
• If you have a specific material that you would like installed, please make sure to mention it in you description!
• Do you have the materials on site or will the aide need to bring the materials?
• When would you like the work performed?
• If you have a budget in mind what is the max amount you are willing to pay?

Following those guidelines will help you get the most of our service! Still got questions? Send us an e-mail.

Here's our Job Post Page.

Here’s our Job Post Page.

Here's an example job.

Here’s an example job.

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